Emma J. Hardy
Assistant Book Cover Designer at Palgrave Macmillan. All views are my own.
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Work in progress:

T-rex run cycle i’m working on for my developing practice module. The tail still isn’t quite right, but i’m having some trouble working out how it would be aiding the movement of the T-rex (whether it’s counterbalancing the head, or simply following the hip movement). 

For the past few months at uni I’ve been working on a short 90 second film in a group of 3, created in maya. The film is finally finished, heres a little shot of the environment and character :) we’re all very pleased with how the environment and character look as none of us had done a huge amount of modelling before.

Keep an eye out for the film, we’ll be posting it on the internet in mid january!

Tudor house work in progress, really enjoying this one :)

initial render, going to make some proper textures next week

initial render, going to make some proper textures next week

my first attempt at modelling a house, pretty pleased with it so far, needs some proper textures and lighting adding though

rendered images of screwdriver

Screwdriver that I modelled today :) 

I bought a book on prop and environment design for games the other day, so had a go at my first bit of modelling in maya today, starting off pretty simple with a brick wall, and i haven’t added any textures yet, but heres some shots of how it’s looking so far :)

My ”Push” project done in Maya